1  In-House Reading

  In-house reading service is available to all library users. Separate reading halls for undergraduates, PGs and faculty members comprising of 100 seats have been provided.


Library Services

The library provides following services to its users:

  • Reference Service
  • Document Delivery Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Inter Library Loan Service
  • Electronic Information Service
  • Library Reprographic Service

User Education

New users are educated regarding Central Library’s resources, facilities and services through orientation. Library also publishes a ‘User Guide’ that provides all the details.

Self-Search Training & Mediated Search

Library holds regular self-search training to help postgraduate students and new faculty members. It also runs mediated searches on request from the users.


Digital Library

Computer & Internet

The Information Centre of the Central Library is equipped with 10 computers and other accessories meant for library users. The computers connected with 2mbps band width Internet connectivity. The facility enables the users to prepare academic materials and access electronic resources. Users must respect rules applicable to Computer and Internet service.


Library Automation

Easylib library management software is being used for library operations and bibliographical control. Bibliographic details of the print and other resources available in the library are computerized and easily accessible online through Intranet. OPAC search is provided in the library premises as well as in academic departments. A separate computer is provided near the main counter of the library for the purpose of catalogue search. The OPAC helps users to search a book by author/editor, title, keyword, subject, department, publisher etc. It also helps to find the location of a particular book, whether a book is issued, the due date, details of the borrower and allows reservation of an issued book. Searching of the subscribed journals, details of journal issues received, back issues, details of non-print materials acquired by the library and list of latest additions to the library are possible through the OPAC.



Central Library is members of HELINET.The journal publications required by the users which are not available in library’s collection are arranged either from HELINET or libraries of other medical colleges in the region.

  • Science Direct E-Journals
  • Lippincott
  • BMJ E Journals
  • Oxford University Press
  • Jaypee Digital
  • Springer E-Books